Environment Policy

We as AYD, respect our environment with a sense of obligation to every process of all our activities.
We evaluate the environmental effects before acting, from research and development, production to investment.
AYD Management procures all needed funds to establish and implement the AYD environmental management system; this gives all employees authorization and liability.
AYD aims for continuous improvement for all employees’ environmental consciousness and acquaint them with natural resources efficiently.
In order to achieve this we an extensive employee training program which focuses on continuous improvement, corrective and preventative actions and environmental awareness.
For this purpose,

  • We respect all our customers’ national environmental laws.
  • We use natural resources efficiently.
  • We keep our waste to an absolute minimum by implementing efficient waste management solutions.
  • We conform to ISO 14001 Environmental management systems—Requirements with guidance for use.

All AYD Employees are responsible for establishing and implementing the AYD environmental management system and supporting continuous improvement.